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We think the internet should be a place where you can feel relaxed and get things done.

That’s the vision for Web 3.0, a new internet with products that give power and freedom of choice back to users. Reducing noise and distraction, creating a brighter future today.

Alice is the app to discover the realms of Web 3.0. Interact with blockchains, cryptocurrencies and decentralized apps (dapps) on mobile.

Take the step ahead by using technology that works for us.

Join a creative movement

It’s time to choose your own environment. Optimise your lifestyle by curating your own experience with tools that will put you in control.

Save time and focus, stay connected with friends, and join a global community in a creative technology movement.

Create and exchange value through globally accessible, and customizable currencies. Built with open source technology that cannot be censored or shut down.

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You know why we created Alice?

Smart phones are an incredibly powerful tool, but we’re not using them to our best advantage.

We traded our freedom, identity and personal data for convenience and addictive social networks. Exposing ourselves to algorithms that encourage conflict by design.

As such we are left feeling empty, wasting time on infinite scrolls that achieve nothing. The more time we spend, the worse we feel.

Your smartphone is a weapon and it’s time to give it creative power. Let’s make the internet work for us before it’s too late.

Powering the new internet

Alice is enabling vastly improved user experience for Web 3.0, crypto and blockchain products.
 We make experiences more social, engaging, and simple. Read more on the minds behind Alice.

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